Food Trail in Bikaner

Food Trail in Bikaner

Your tour is complete when you get hungry and taste the local cuisine. Get to the market area and you will get a variety of restaurants, roadside eateries all offering a wide range of mouth watering eats. The most relished food? The most relished food in Bikaner is pyaaz ke kachori (flat bread stuffed with sautéed onion). It is said around 4lakh kachori are made and consumed every day in this city of Bikaner which has a population of 6.44lakh! Even before the city awakens shopkeepers ready their shop fronts with kachori which is the favorite breakfast of locals.

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If you love to carry back food souvenirs then couple of things I suggest are aromatic sherbet from Chunnilal Tanwar’s shop and pickles from Golchha Store. Both are unique and are popular with locals. The sherbet is based on real flavor extracts of essential oils from all sorts of spices and herbs – mogra (jasmine), clove, saffron, poppy seeds and many more! Each sip is laced with intense aroma and flavor; no chemical added only the extracted essential oils. Packaging done is very good. For tangy and sweet pickles, head to Golchha Store in Bikaner main market. There are rows of jars with a variety of vegetables pickled. I couldn’t believe when they said they make pickle aloevera too till I saw and tasted it.


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