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Bikaner Haveli

Rampuria and Kothari Haveli

Bikaner Haveli

Traditional destinations are always popular, but if you want to get away from classic itinerary then head for Rampuria and Kothari Haveli (mansions) of older streets of Bikaner. Such intricate work on the facades of these mansions and they date back to early 19th century. The haveli are mostly reddish in color, not due to paint but due to red sandstone used. Wealthy merchant families built these haveli, a sign of prosperity then.

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Descendants of the owners of these mansions don’t live here anymore. Most of these mansions are locked up and under watchful eyes of caretakers. Some are inhabited, but due to property share the mansions don’t have that old charm. These mansions are the pride of Bikaner. No tickets are required to tour this place. However if you wish to see interiors connect with one of the caretakers there. While you are getting E-visums ready you can connect with folks at Narendra Bhawan Hotelwho conduct Experience Bikaner tours.


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